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Performance issues -Part 1

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Performance issues -Part 1



Performance issues - Part 1

Have seen recently that there have been a number of pmrs and Cases on performance issues.

Most of these are down to how the environment was configured and used, so I have put together a few articles which I hope will help. 

These go through some of the areas to think about when configuring and working on the system, and there are also links to articles that should help when a performance issue is seen.

As a starting point please note that there is a Performance Tuning section in the Install Guide that should be reviewed:

Along with information on configuration settings that can be used in the Administrators Guide:

However below  is a list of articles on some of the areas that cause issues and what needs to be considered when running an ITM environment.

This is by no means an exhaustive list so this may be added to over time, or others may have further input to this.

Everyone should also be aware that there a number of extra tools available that can help identify issues such as
duplicate agents, situations not distributed correctly, situations firing at a very high rate, to name but a few areas.
Some of these articles are mentioned throughout these articles but I have by no means listed all of them and there are always more articles being added.


The articles in this series are:

/support/pages/node/1083777   Performance issues Part 2  Situations

/support/pages/node/1083759   Performance issues - Part 3 Collection of historical data.

/support/pages/node/1083771    Performance issues Part 4 TEPS

/support/pages/node/1083765   Performance issues Part 5 TEMS

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