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ITM Nuggets: Tips on servicing and maintaining your ITM 6.X environment

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ITM Nuggets: Tips on servicing and maintaining your ITM 6.X environment





 One of the last things any ITM operator wants to see is failure. In large production environments with multiple changes taking place this is always a risk.
The below education session (with Demos) and slide deck, explains how you can back up an restore all your critical information and configuration with simple product provided commands.
You have spent a lot of time and effort building your enterprise, do you really want to run the risk of loosing all your:-
  •  Users
  • Queries
  • Situations
  • Managed system lists 
  • Distributions
  • etc
If not, read on... 
This session includes:
  Unit 1: Backing up and recovering the ITM infrastructure overview 
Unit 2: Backup and recovering a HUB TEMS database from failure using PDcollect. 
Unit 3: TEPS Backup and restoration techniques - Migrate-export 
Unit 4: TEPS Backup and restoration techniques – Migrate-Import  
Unit 5: Resource management workspaces (basic health checks to avoid problems) 
  • Resource management workspaces
  • Health checks Warehouse Proxy Agent (WPA)
  • Health checks on the Summarisation and Pruning Agent (S&P agent)
  • Check for off-line agents
  • How to check agent distribution
  • How to check application support files are consistent across the TEMS
  • How to check the remote deployments status 
Here is a presentation only copy of the education session (no demos) 
If you would like the narrated versions with demos, you can view it here in a browser
Click here for the replay of the session

NOTE: You will need the event password to access the recording. 
Event Password = tiv0li (0 is a zero).
(if you have issues loading the session, try internet explorer as the browser)
Further details on the session can be found here: Click Here













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