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Video Blog: IBM Monitoring (APM) V8 Deep Dive: Session 7 - Pre Req Failure: How to mount the RHEL DVD as a repo

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Video Blog: IBM Monitoring (APM) V8 Deep Dive: Session 7 - Pre Req Failure: How to mount the RHEL DVD as a repo





Welcome to my Monitoring Version 8 education series

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The aim of this series is to pass on the hands on knowledge of the products, directly to you. All of the information is sourced from using the product in the field with you, so hopefully having this focus and having a central location will help all using the product.  Today's session focuses on creating a new repo from a RHEL install DVD, so you can install the required dependencies that the product requires to run. This can be flagged as a FAIL, by the installation pre-req checker/scanner. There are a series of blogs all targeting and demonstrating how to correct pre-req failures step-by-step with a live demo. Also check out "Session 8" as this shows how to find the missing packages you need. 





Please take a look at the other sessions created, as they are all in series and target a specific task, problem feature.

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This session overviews how mount the RHEL DVD as a repo, including:

- How to use the RHEL DVD as a repository to install the dependencies from
- Creating a repo file
- Adding the new repo to the running OS configuration
- How to clear the OS repository cache
- How to check the new repo is available and ready to use













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