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VIDEO: IBM Monitoring Academy Seminars: Episode 2 - Latest Updates, Tips and Tricks

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VIDEO: IBM Monitoring Academy Seminars: Episode 2 - Latest Updates, Tips and Tricks






The "IBM Monitoring Academy Seminars" are a series of LIVE video blogs presented by Mark Leftwich, Shaun Rodger and Jens Helbig


The series is designed to be slightly less formal and give you the latest monitoring information directly from the hands on experience of our subject matter experts.


We work on the products daily, work on site with customers and are always up to speed with the latest information on the products. We are now passing this information on directly to you in a nice easy to digest format.


We encourage you to provide feedback on the type of content you wish to see, what you want more of, etc.

This video series is for you!!!! so help us shape it to what you want and need. Just drop a comment in the box below and we will try our best to include any requests.



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This episode focuses on both ITM and TCR and includes updates and generalized discussion on current important information in the world of monitoring!



Here are some snapshots of what to expect:









In today's session, Mark Leftwich, Shaun Rodger and special Guest Jens Helbig provide insight, tips and information on:

- Data warehouse sizing control tips
- Security challenges 
- Products coming to end of service in September 2015

See you in class!!


This should help you gain even more value from your monitoring products


Happy watching!!




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