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MS Exchange server agent shows system down when configured due to missing Services.

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MS Exchange server agent shows system down when configured due to missing Services.


The MS Exchange Server agent will show as system down on the TEPS panels, even if configured correctly.  Here are some steps to check if this is the case.

1) First go to this link, and see the first screenshot, second tab "Exchange Services Monitoring" in there..  there have been some changes in how the agent checks status depending on the Server Roles.  In the second tab, look at the Services Configured, then go to your Windows OS Services window and make sure they are all started.  The reference link is here:

2) If any of the Services are not there like POP3, then you will need to add an environment variable like KEX_SKIPSERVICES to point to the missing Service, this can be implemented easily by adding an environment variable in the kexenv file.  Please see this link:

(Note: to use this step, you will need IF01 where this Interim Fix IF01 includes APAR IV97894.  This APAR IV97894 fixes the issue where the agent shows server status as DOWN ,when MSExchangePOP3 service is not started for Exchange Server 2016.)

If needed, IF01 can be obtained from here, scroll down to the bottom of the link and go to "FC" to get it.  ("FC" = Fix Central).

Good luck. Smile

Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM / ICAM L2 Support team


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