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Using ICAM v2019.2.1 with Custom Views in the Resources menu.

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Using ICAM v2019.2.1 with Custom Views in the Resources menu.


If you are using ICAM version 2019.2.1 and trying to see all your agents under Resources, you may find this view cluttered with a whole bunch of agents that are still not connected.  For example, you may have few agents connected (say Linux OS agents, or Windows agents) but don't have your other agents (say http or datapower or WAS) connected just yet, you're working on it.   If you want to de-clutter this view until you get more agents online, there's currently no direct way in ICAM v2019.2.1.   But fret not, this request has been accepted by Dev and they're working on it.  In the upcoming releases post 2019.2.1, this feature is expected to be included and you may be able to de-clutter the view in future.

Also, there's no direct way to group the agents into say different groups, say, Prod and Test for example..  there's a  Custom Metrics option in the page, but there's no direct way to group the servers, only to create a Custom view.  Please stay tuned, more exciting and interesting features forthcoming soon.

Good luck. Smile

Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM / ICAM L2 Support team


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