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OMNIbus Object Server Automatic Database Backup

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OMNIbus Object Server Automatic Database Backup



How to configure the Object Server for Automatic Database Backups
OMNIbus provides an automatic_backup automation that can be used to automatically backup the Object Sever database files at a regular interval. It is configurable for the backup directory and the number of backup files to retain.  All information within the Object Server database is backed up including events, tables, columns, triggers, procedures and users.


§The following default automations are included with OMNIbus and are in the automatic_backup_system trigger group.

automatic_backup - Temporal trigger to backup the Object Server database. This trigger is disabled by default and must be configured and enabled to backup the Object Server. 
backup_failed - Signal trigger which generates a critical alert when backup fails. Enabled by default.
backup_state_integrity - Database trigger which ensures single backup will be performed at a time. Enabled by default.  
backup_ succeeded - Signal trigger which generates a clearing alert when the backup is successful. Enabled by default.

To enable the automatic_backup trigger:

1) Create the backup directories. By default, the backup is created in $OMNIHOME/backup/objectservername. The directories $OMNIHOME/backup and $OMNIHOME/backup/objectservername must be created unless a different directory is specified.

2) Edit the automatic_backup trigger interval on the Settings tab. By default, backups are created every 5 minutes. For a large Object Server database, this can create too much load on the Object Server and the default interval should be increased.
3) Enable the automatic_backup trigger on the Settings tab. By default, the trigger is disabled.
4) Optionally, modify the number of backups on the automatic_backup trigger action tab. Two backups are created by default
set num_backups=2 
5) Optionally, modify the backup directory on the automatic_backup trigger action tab. Backups are created in $OMNIHOME/backup/objectservername by default 
Within the backup directory, two files are created and To restore the Object Server from these files:
  1. Stop the Object Server
  2. Backup the directory $OMNIHOME/db/objectservername
  3. Replace the and files in $OMNIHOME/db/objectservername with the backup files
  4. Ensure the file permissions are the same as the original files
  5. Start the Object Server

Note the Object Server database will be restored to the time the Backup was created. Any users created, new events or other modifications made since the last backup will be lost.

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