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Setting up a cold standby Netcool Gateway (on UNIX)

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Setting up a cold standby Netcool Gateway (on UNIX)


There are occasions where one needs to set up a cold standby Netcool Gateway.  An attached UNIX shell script is provided with this blog that will provide this functionality.  It should be reviewed by the Netcool Administrator and modified to suit the environment parameters.  It should be configured to run under Process Agent control (not PA aware) on the box where the backup Gateway will run.  The script can be downloaded from here:
It works by using nco_ping to monitor the primary Gateway.  If it fails an nco_ping more than RETRIES number of times (modifiable parameter in the script), then it makes a call to nco_pa_start to start up the cold standby Gateway.  After this point, it continues to try to nco_ping the primary Gateway.  Once it receives a positive response, it makes a call to nco_pa_stop to stop the cold standby Gateway and returns to its original state of monitoring the primary Gateway's availability.
This script was originally written to provide functionality to enable and disable triggers on the backup ObjectServer in a failover pair but became redundant when this functionality was built in to the ObjectServer via Gateway signals and new triggers introduced into OMNIbus.  It was subsequently adapted (and renamed) to provide the functionality described above.
  • A username and password needs to be included in the script to enable the calls to the Process Agent.  For this reason, this script should have its file permissions modified to only be readable by the Netcool user.  (ie. chmod 711
  • This script is provided "as-is" as a solution for cold standby Gateway functionality and is intended for use on UNIX-based systems only.

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