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How to install Omnibus 8.1 FP18

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How to install Omnibus 8.1 FP18


Below you can find the Omnibus FP18 download link :

Please check the prerequisites  from above link.

Download fixpack 18 and unzip it.

The following procedure describes how to install FP18 in GUI mode.


Start Installation Manager



Go to File -> Preferences - > Add Repository -> Click on Browse

Choose the path to your fixpack.

In your FP18 directory you should see  a directory called OMNIbusRepository.

Go to 50.81.servicedelta.core  and add repository.config.

Then go to and add repository.config


In Installation Manager, you will see the two repositories added as per below:



In the Installation Manager, click Update and choose IBM Netcool Core Components from the list and then click on Next.




Read and accept the license agreement, then click on  Next





Click on Next



Read the Java 8 installation note and then click the java 8 information has been read and understood option, then click on Next



Click on Update



You will see the confirmation that the update has finished :



You can also check your new Omnibus version by running nco_id :



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