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WebGUI 8.1 DASH 3.1.3 - Load Balancing Configuration Example

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WebGUI 8.1 DASH 3.1.3 - Load Balancing Configuration Example



This guide has the purpose to illustrate a complete step by step example for a load balancing configuration for IBM Netcool OMNIbus WebGUI.

The steps described within this document are applicable for environments with DASH version 3.1.2 and higher. For creating this document, the tests were performed within an environment with WebGUI 8.1 Fix Pack 15 , DASH and DB2 11.1. They contain the steps needed to be followed on the DB2 server and on every WebGUI server that you want to add within this cluster configuration.

They can be tested against any WebGUI 8.1.x environments as long as the DASH version is at least 3.1.2. and the installed DB2 is supported.

Please take into consideration that all the servers that will be part of the cluster MUST have the exact same versions and components installed.


The guide can be downloaded from here:


Hope you will find this useful!

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