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Netcool/Impact SNMP DSA timeout not acting as set

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Netcool/Impact SNMP DSA timeout not acting as set


A very brief blog to highlight a misconception regarding the SNMP DSA timeout value setting and the actual results one will achieve.


Setting a timeout value of 15 seconds in the SNMP DSA actually results in a timeout of 3 to 4 minutes. How so?


The SNMP DSA interacts with the SNMP API variable "defaultTimeoutMsec" (1 second by default), but this is subject to another SNMP API variable "defaultRetries" (3 by default) which determines how many retries are made before the timeout is declared.  The timeout is the time it waits before the first retry is made.  Additionally each retry increments the timeout value by double each time.


A 1 second timeout with the default number of retries (3) takes 15 seconds to actually timeout:


1s + 2s + 4s + 8s = 15s


Therefore a 15 second timeout value supplied by the SNMP DSA translates into 3 minute 45 seconds before timeout actually occurs:


15s + 30s + 60s + 120s = 225s = 3m 45s


This confusion can lead to applying timeout values of an excessive and unwanted amount.






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