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CORBA PROBES : Diagnostics hints and tips

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CORBA PROBES : Diagnostics hints and tips


My Corba Probe will not run and the probe debug is not helping... Eyebrow


                                      The ORB being in debug is the key to understanding why the connection is failing.  How to configure the ORB for debug is at the end of this blog.



 What are the most common problems with this probe. 


Ports not being opened on the Firewall and IDLs.


Ports - The Probe docs will guide you as to what we certified the probe with, the Element Manager (EM) admin has to give you the correct ports.  Can you ssh from the probe host to the host and port you have been given, if you can't then the probe will not be able to either.  Do not use the port you have in the ior file as this is what the data needs to come back on.  If you block it with the out going request the EM has no route back.

You can't use the same port of the Alarms (current alerts) and Notifications (new alerts) as if the NotificationIRP attempts to connect and the AlarmIRP is still attached there will be a conflict, therefore dont use the same port for both.


What will I see in the orb debug log if its a port issue.


OUT GOING ---> Probe request - Reply Status:      NO_EXCEPTION
IN COMING ---> EMS response - Reply Status:      USER_EXCEPTION


Reply Status:      USER_EXCEPTION on the outgoing could be the port is not open on the firewall


Reply Status:      USER_EXCEPTION on the incoming could be the IDL is not supported.


IDL - What does it mean when we say the IDL is not supported.

When the probe is coded it is based on the IDL the vendor supplies and we use a small part of that IDL.  If the  EM is upgraded the IDL will change, often the area of the IDL we use is not affected, however there are times when it is.  This is why we ask for the IDL from the EM we can then compare to see if the section of the IDL we wrote the probe against has changed.


How can I see whats in the IOR file?


Some of the latest probes have two properties, to see if the version of the probe has the properties run -dumpprops against the wrapper script. 


ORBDebug : 'TRUE'
ORBDebugFile : '$OMNIHOME/orb_debug.log'


If you do have the two options above then ignore the steps below.


How to turn on Visibroker logging
Edit $OMNIHOME/probes/java/nco_p_<probe>.env file and add the following line to allow Visibroker logging.

NCO_JPROBE_JAVA_FLAGS="-Dvbroker.orb.debug=true -Dvbroker.orb.logLevel=debug -Dvbroker.orb.logger.output=$OMNIHOME/log/orb.debug $NCO_JPROBE_JAVA_FLAGS"

How to turn on Nonnative logging
Edit $OMNIHOME/probes/java/nco_p_<probe>.env script and add the following line to allow Nonnative logging.


How to turn on IBM Orb trace logging
Edit $OMNIHOME/probes/java/nco_p_<probe>.env file and add the following line to allow IBM Orb trace logging.



Great Resources!/wiki/Tivoli%20Netcool%20OMNIbus/page/Troubleshooting







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