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WebGUI 8.1 - Example for how to enable clickable links in the Event Viewer cells

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WebGUI 8.1 - Example for how to enable clickable links in the Event Viewer cells



Starting with WebGUI 8.1 Fix Pack 14 a new feature has been introduced that allows Event Viewer cells columns to contain clickable links.


This feature can be used on any of the varchar data type fields from the Object Server used as data source for WebGUI.


In order for this to work it is required to set the download method of events from the server to the Event Viewer in EDS mode. This means that within WEBGUI_HOME/etc/server.init the following property needs to be set as follows:



This change will require a restart WebGUI.


Afterwards, within your object server, for the varchar column where you want to insert links you need to insert the following code and change the URL and Text to be displayed as needed:

<a href=""
style="background-color: yellow;
color: black;
display: block; width: 100%;
height: 100%;
text-align: center;">External Link!</a>

For example:



Afterwards, in WebGUI, within one of your view definition, edit that column and check the HTML Column option. Save the view and you will get a clickable link in your list as follows:



This can be clicked directly and it will open the link you've added there in another browser tab.



Thank you!


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