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Using the imcl command to rollback WebSphere Application Server fix packs

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Using the imcl command to rollback WebSphere Application Server fix packs




Rolling back or uninstalling a fix pack involves moving from a newer release of a fix pack to a previous release of a fix pack.
We always specify the version we want to rollback to (not the currently installed). I will provide details on this rollback command and a sample usage scenario for you.

./imcl rollback offering_ID_offering_version -installationDirectory installation_directory -acceptLicense -sP


  • The offering_ID is the offering ID that is listed in the WebSphere Application Server Version 8 product offerings for supported operating systems.
  • The offering_version, which optionally can be attached to the offering ID with an underscore, is the specific version of the offering that we are looking to roll back to ( or 8.5.5001.20131018_2242, for example). If offering_version is not specified, the installation rolls back to the previously installed version of the offering.
  • If offering_version is specified, the installation rolls back to the earlier version of the offering as specified.  No interim fixes for that version will be installed.
  • The offering version can be found attached to the end of the offering ID with an underscore in the Package section of the report that is generated when you run the historyInfo, genVersionReport or genHistoryReport command from the app_server_root/bin directory.
  • Installation Manager (IM) Saved Files for Rollback:
    Files are saved in the IMShared directory. The default behavior is to save the files for rollback. To view or change this option:
    Using Graphical mode:  File > Preferences > Files for RollBack > Check or Uncheck "Save Files for RollBack"
    Using console mode:  imcl -c  (From IM_HOME/eclipse/tools)
        Select "P"
        Select "3"
        Select "1"  to save or not to save files for rollback

    IM_HOME is the home directory where IM is installed.

In the following example, I have WAS installed and I want to rollback to

The sequence of installation was ---> ----->

The output of genVersionReport shows the following:



































From the output above:

offering_ID_offering_version   ==

If you have selected to save files for rollback, use the command below:

./imcl rollback -installationDirectory /opt/app/pulse/AppServer -acceptLicense -sP


If you have selected not to save files for rollback, you will have to specify the repository of the fix pack to which you plan to rollback to:

./imcl rollback -installationDirectory /opt/app/pulse/AppServer -acceptLicense -sP -repositories /tmp/WAS8551

In above example /tmp/WAS8551  --> Fixpack repositories


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