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End of Support for WebSphere v7.0, v8.0 and Java 6 in WebSphere v8.5, April 2018

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End of Support for WebSphere v7.0, v8.0 and Java 6 in WebSphere v8.5, April 2018




In September 2016, IBM announced the End of Service date for WebSphere Application Server (WAS) V7.0 and WebSphere Application Server V8.0 is April 2018 and support for Java 6 with Liberty ended in September 2017.  WAS v8.5 and WAS v9.0 are available today at no additional charge to WAS clients with active subscription and support.  



End of Support Dates:
WebSphere Application Server V7.0 – April 30, 2018
WebSphere Application Server V8.0 – April 30, 2018
Java 6 in traditional WAS V8.5 – April 30, 2018
Java 6 in Liberty - September 30, 2017
Java 7 in Liberty - September 30, 2019
Java 7 in traditional WAS V8.5 – September 30, 2022

For complete details please reference the announcements for Distributed and z/OS environments.

For details concerning the Java 7 support change with traditional WAS V8.5 please see blog link.


New Migration Hint & Tips:
Do you have questions about WebSphere migrations? Get your answers here:

1) Start with these new Migration IBMSupportTV YouTube videos:

Migrating WAS cells using the command-line tools:
Remote Migration playlist:
Local Migration playlist:


For WebSphere Application Server V8.5 users, support of Java 6 with traditional WAS will end in April 2018 and support for Java 6 with Liberty ended in September 2017.  Support for Java 7 with Liberty will be discontinued after September 2019. Please note that Java 7 with traditional WAS will now be fully supported until July 2022.  The Java 7 support statement is a change from the original September 2017 announcement WebSphere Application Server V8.5 provides the option to use Java 6, Java 7, or Java 8.  Customers using WebSphere Application Server for V8.5 are recommended to move up to Java 8.  Please refer to the corresponding announcements for a complete list of dates for Distributed and z/OS environments.


IBM Migration Assistance:
To help move to later versions of WebSphere Application Server and Java, IBM is offering migration workshops.  Please see the link for dates and times of a city near you:  If you would like more information on IBM migration offers or assistance please contact your sales representative and visit the Migration Knowledge Collection.


Products that include WebSphere Application Server:
If your installation of WebSphere Application Server was provided as part of another product then these dates may not apply to you.  Please contact the product’s support team that included WebSphere to learn of the End of Service dates. You may also consult the Software lifecycle page.


Migration References and Assistance:
Below are links to WebSphere Application Server technical support documents and assistance related to migrating.  It is intended to help you be proactive in the support and administration of your software.

WebSphere Migration Strategy
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Migration Workshops
Migration Assist (UNIX & Windows platforms only)
Java 6 EOS blog


Announcements and References:
Software lifecycle page
Software withdrawal and service discontinuance announcement for Distributed environments
Software withdrawal and service discontinuance announcement for z/OS environments


Please continue to follow the Cloud Technical Support Blog for further updates on EOS and migration details! Don't forget about our dwAnswers forum and look for answers to your problems and interact with subject matter experts. Remember to use the tag 'wasmigration' .


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