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Windows Service Corruption Can Cause WebSphere Application Server Not To Start

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Windows Service Corruption Can Cause WebSphere Application Server Not To Start



Perhaps you've run into this scenario: The Windows Service states the JVM process is started but WebSphere Application Server does not start. The SystemOut.log shows no entries in the log, the startServer.log shows that the JVM is waiting on initialization indefinitely. Windows task manager may show that a Java™ process is consuming high CPU but the Process ID (PID) does not match any of the server PIDs.


To check if the Windows Service is the problem:

  1. Make sure that all the java processes are stopped.

  2. Clean up all the logs, wstemp, temp and config/temp locations.

  3. Clean up the contents of the javasharedresources directory.

  4. Remove the windows service associated with the JVM process using the tool provided in this link:
    IBM Using WASServiceCmd to create Windows services for WebSphere Application Servers

  5. Start the JVM from the command line and confirm that it starts normally.


If the server starts normally when it is not associated with the Windows Service, the problem is in the Windows Service.

  1. Stop the server and re-add the windows service.

  2. Try to start the JVM using the Windows services this time.




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