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Running Liberty profile Server as a Microsoft Windows Service

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Running Liberty profile Server as a Microsoft Windows Service



If you want to register Liberty as a windows service, you currently need to use a third party mechanism. The apache commons daemon is one that is commonly recommended.

I was able to successfully register with Windows services using these steps:



  1. Download the apache commons daemon binaries zip from ⇒Apache Commons Project Distributions.

  2. Extract the prunsrv.exe to the WebSphere Liberty Profile server bin directory.
    Note: extract relevant to architecture

  3. My experience has been that I need to have Java 7 as the system wide JVM so ensure you have this set up. I have had numerous issues when using Java 6.

  4. Run "server create server1" from the Liberty server bin directory.

  5. Run "server start server1" to ensure server starts.

  6. Run "server stop server1" to stop server.

  7. From the Liberty bin directory run the following command:
     - substituting paths for your install
     - server name where appropriate
    prunsrv //IS//WLP --Startup=manual --DisplayName="IBM Liberty Server -server1" --Description="IBM WebSphere Liberty Profile"
    ++DependsOn=Tcpip --LogPath="C:\directory_path\wlp\usr\servers\foo\logs"
    --StdOutput=auto --StdError=auto --StartMode=exe
    ++StartParams=start#server1 --StopMode=exe

  8. Open the Windows services application.

  9. Locate the IBM Liberty Server service, right click, start.



Clearly IBM cannot readily advise on configuration and usage issues with the setup of the daemon and windows service - I give the above instructions as a set of steps that worked for me.


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