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CICS Explorer makes it easy to view and edit CSD groups

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CICS Explorer makes it easy to view and edit CSD groups



The CICS Explorer is a great tool for a systems programmer to manage their CICS resources. Whenever I am working on a CICS test system to recreate a problem, I find myself going to the Explorer to create and install different resources rather than using CEDA or CEMT through a 3270 green screen.


One function in particular that I want to highlight is the capability the Explorer provides for viewing and editing CSD groups. The CICS Explorer allows you to very easily look at all of the group definitions in a particular CICS region. To do this, click Definitions > Resource Group Definitions. This will open a view as shown here:



Now that you have a list of all of the group definitions, you can double click on a group name to view all of the members in the group:




You can double click a member in the group to open up its attributes. This will allow you to see how the resource is currently defined. You can also make changes to the resources.


The last tip I wanted to share is the functions provided when you right click on a group in the Resource Group Definitions list. The right click pop-up menu allows you to very easily install the group or add the group to a List. I don't know about you, but this is alot easier for me than using the old CEDA transaction with a green screen. It saves on typing, and you don't even need to know the syntax of the CEDA command. It's a much more simple interface.


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