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Install Multiple Interim Fixes Together Using imcl Command Silently

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Install Multiple Interim Fixes Together Using imcl Command Silently



In most cases, we normally install multiple interim fixes interactively for one time using the GUI wizard mode of Installation Manager. However, for some special cases, users have a need to install interim fixes silently only using imcl command lines. Therefore, this article will introduce two special situations our users encounter when using the command line to install multiple interim fixes.


1. Command Line Used to Install Interim Fixes

imcl install fixID -repositories repositoryLocation -installationDirectory installationDirectory -log logLocation

* Replace fixID with the ID of the interim fix. The ID can be found in the repository.xml file in the directory where you extracted the interim fix, in the fix id element. For example:

<fix id="" version="" offeringId="EnhancedFix" offeringVersion="0.0.0.EnhancedFix">

Users are supposed to run the command above to apply a single interim fix or fix pack. Nevertheless, it does not indicate what we are supposed to do when there are more than one interim fixes that have to be installed at the same time.


2. Install Multiple Interim Fixes Sharing A Common Repository

Sometimes, there are multiple fixes shipped within one interim fix. For example, for APAR JR50857 on BPM, it contains two fixes within its repository. They are and (Check the repository.xml). So if users want to install two of them at the same time just like the GUI wizard does, they need to specify two fixIDs as below:


imcl install -repositories ${RES_PATH} -installationDirectory /opt/bpm751

Therefore, the syntax for installing multiple interim fixes that share the same repository and installation directory is shown below:

imcl install fixID1 fixID2 -repositories repositoryLocation -installationDirectory installationDirectory -log logLocation

* There is a 'space' between two fixIDs


3. Install Multiple Interim Fixes With Different Repositories

Moreover, our users also had situations like this: they are supposed to install two fixes, JR51770 and JR51511. however, each of them are the prerequisite for another, which means that they have to be installed at the same time to avoid the prerequisite check of Installation Manager. Also, since they have different repositories, they cannot share one single repository location just like what we mentioned above. So Users have to pass the values of fixIDs and repositoryLocations for both fixes to the command's paramaters.


imcl install -repositories ${RES_PATH1},${RES_PATH2} -installationDirectory C:\IBM\BPM\v8.0.1


Thus, we could tell from the example above that we use 'space' between fixIDs but add a 'comma' (,) between repositories to install the fixes successful. The command line processor will indicates that two fixes are separately installed. Our syntax for this kind of situation is listed below:

imcl install fixID1 fixID2 -repositories repositoryLocation1,repositoryLocation2 -installationDirectory installationDirectory -log logLocation

* There is a 'space' between two fixIDs

* There is a 'comma' (,) between two repository locations


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