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Java SE8 - WebSphere V855 vs V9

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Java SE8 - WebSphere V855 vs V9





Both WebSphere Application Server (WAS) V855x and V9 support Java Standard Edition 8 (Java SE 8). However, the installation images required for both are different and unique:


For WAS V855x, the Java SE8 is optionally supported. In order to use Java SE 8 for WAS you need to download the recommended Java SE 8 fixpack build that is made available with the WAS fixpack. The WAS fixpack page will provide a link for the Java SE 8 fixpack that is made available for installation with the WAS fixpack. The Java SE 8 fixpack can then be selected for installation with the WAS fixpack. This is labelled as the "embedded" approach where Java SE 8 fixpack is coupled with WAS fixpack.

For WAS V9, the Java SE8 is no longer embedded with any WebSphere Application Server offerings. The Java SDK is available as a separate offering that must be installed when you install the WebSphere Application Server offering. The Java SE 8 for WebSphere Application Server V9 offerings can be downloaded from this document:
IBM SDK Java Technology Edition Version 8.0 for WebSphere Application Server using Installation Manager



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