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Resolving missing URI resources for IBM Operational Decision Manager

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Resolving missing URI resources for IBM Operational Decision Manager


With IBM Operational Decision Manager, if you directly deploy RuleApps from the Decision Center to the Rule Execution Server (RES), you might find that "Managed URIs" is empty after the deployment process. This issue is often caused by missing or incorrect URI reference in the Decision Center.

The URI is stored to a file named deployment.xml after the first deployment to a Decision Server. The deployment.xml file is taken into account during the synchronization process and enables the further deployment to the specified Decision Server from the Decision Center.

Here is a sample tutorial on how to include URI resources in the Decision Center:

  1. Import a project to the Rule Designer.
  2. Deploy XOM to the Rule Execution Server from the Rule Designer.
  3. Publish/Synchronize the project to the Decision Center from Rule Designer.
    To check if the deployment.xml file has been successfully synchronized to the Decision Center, define a smart folder where the condition is "Find all resources". After the smart folder is defined, you should be able to see a file named "deployment.xml". This file is where the URI reference is stored in the Decision Center. 
  4. Create a new RuleApp and rule set for the project and deploy it to the Rule Execution Server from the Decision Center. 
  5. Go to Rule Execution Server console and check the RuleApp that you just deployed. You will find the URIs information is already included with the project. 
  6. Try to make some changes in the Decision Center and redeploy the project to the Rule Execution Server. You will find the URI will always be included. 

Note: The URL that is used to deploy must match the URL in the deployment.xml file. For example, if you have http://localhost:9080/res in the deployment.xml file, the same URL must be used when deploying from the Decision Center to the Rule Execution Server. Otherwise, if you are using a machine name or instead of localhost when deploying the RuleApp, the managed URIs won't be synchronized to Rule Execution Server correctly.

Metric mania (modified) credit: (cc) Some rights reserved by Josep Ma. Rosell

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