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ITM Agent Insights: Jazz for Service Management Installs on Linux and Unix

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ITM Agent Insights: Jazz for Service Management Installs on Linux and Unix


When installing Jazz for Service Management on Linux and Unix users have the following options to prepare their environments:

The install on Linux and Unix can be simplified by using VNC server client - GUI Mode. Although there are other Graphical User Interface options available, the recommended tool is VNC server client. This applies to Full and Custom Installs. After setting VNC server on the target machine, you will need a VNC client such as Real VNC viewer or TightVNC viewer. The only exception would be a Custom Install using silent mode which is executed via the command line.

Download the Jazz for Service Management install media. After setting up the VNC server client, the install can be launched as shown in the screen-shots below:


Launching install using VNC Server Clientimage


Full and Custom Install options



Follow the instructions for the selected install method as specified in the user guide.

If you encounter any problems while performing the installation, gather the documents per the instructions listed in the link below. Contact IBM Support and attach the information requested here:

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