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ITM Agent Insights: Starting Over Jazz for Service Management Install

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ITM Agent Insights: Starting Over Jazz for Service Management Install


Time to time, through no fault of our own, software installations fail to complete for wide variety of reasons. The problem is further complicated when we attempt to reinstall the products in a less than pristine environment. Recently we have seen an increase in this type of installation issues. Jazz interacts with a wide variety of IBM products so there are multiple potential points of failure.

You may find yourself in a situation where you have corrected the problems you encountered, and would like to start the entire process over again from the beginning. If you encounter problems during a JazzSM installation, subsequent installations may fail if you attempt to install again on top of a failed installation. The following instructions describe the order and detailed links to un-install and re-install a Jazz, TCR and WAS environment.

These instructions are intended to clean up new, problematic installations only.  Note: Do not use them if WebSphere was installed prior to the installation of JazzSM.
Un-install the existing environment in this order:

1. Uninstall TCR -

2. Uninstall JazzSM -

3. Uninstall WebSphere - Note: Make certain no other products are using WebSphere before proceeding


Here is the recommended re-install steps:

1. Install WebSphere using Launchpad -

2. Install JazzSM and TCR using Launchpad -

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