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ITM Agent Insights: Understanding Jazz for Service Management

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ITM Agent Insights: Understanding Jazz for Service Management


There are several aspects of Jazz for Service Management (i.e. JazzSM) which users need to understand in order to utilize the full potential of this product offering. Here we are going to address the main questions new users come across while working with JazzSM. Also see the index of all the other JazzSM blogs posted under the ITM Agent Insights series at the bottom of the page.


1) What is JazzSM?

JazzSM is a bundle of 5 core services:

  • Administration Services
  • Registry Services

  • Reporting Services (Tivoli Common Reporting)

  • Security Services

  • Visualization Services (DASH – Dashboard Application Services Hub)

When JazzSM install issues are discussed we are actually dealing with one of the core services being installed under JazzSM. There is no JazzSM install per se.


2) Are there any dependencies for these Services?

It is important to note that each service has a dependency on WebSphere Application Server (WAS) or both WAS and DB2. The dependency diagram and table will help with this understanding:






















JazzSM Dependency Table

3) Do I need all the services mentioned above?

NO. Users need to install the services which they plan to use.

Example: Users interested in running the operating system (OS) agent reports only need Reporting Service. None of the other services are required. The Reporting service requires WAS and DB2 so these need to be installed as well.


4) WAS and DB2 are already installed in my environment, do I need to install them again?

NO. If you already have WAS and DB2 installed these can be used for the core services in JazzSM. However, you need to ensure the versions are supported by JazzSM. The link below helps you identify the correct versions for each release of JazzSM.


JazzSM Detailed System Requirements

5) What are the different versions of JazzSM and what are the part numbers for each release?

The JazzSM versions are listed below. The links below will provide the part numbers for the required packages.






JazzSM – (This is an upgrade package)





NOTE: JazzSM requires a previous version installed or can be installed along with another full version of JazzSM. It can't be used for a standalone install.


6) Do any other products use JazzSM services?

YES, there are several products which use one or multiple services provided under JazzSM. However, there are no instances where the consuming products use all the services provided. It is important to identify the service which will be utilized by the consuming product and install only that service.


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