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How to open DASH pages in new tab

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How to open DASH pages in new tab


After login to DASH, clicking any item from the DASH menu by default the pages are launched inside DASH frame.


To open any DASH pages in a new tab can be done by using PageID in the URL


The URL convention is https://<FQDN>:16311/ibm/action/launch/<PageID>


FQDN = Fully Qualified Domain Name or IP address
PageID = The Page ID of the DASH page


So for example, after login to DASH, click 'Console Settings' , then click 'Group Roles', get the PageID then use this in the URL to open in new tab instead of inside the DASH frame.

Here are the steps to get the PageID:

1. Login to DASH

2. In the 'Group Roles'  click on the "Page" icon at the top right corner and click "About". The Page ID is under "General", like so:



3. Use the 'Group Role' Page ID which is '' in the URL:



NOTE: This will only work if user is already logged in to DASH. If requirement is to skil the login, refer to this blog ( /support/pages/node/1080219 ) to launch DASH Pages without entering login and password:



Sharon Orillaneda
Software Engineer, ITSM - JazzSM DASH TIP
IBM Cloud Labs



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