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Jazz for Service Management Update for TDI install

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Jazz for Service Management Update for TDI install


As of the Jazz for Service Management mod release, the procedure installing TDI has changed.

The two jar files(​bind.jar and​rest.jar) that were needed for
DASH to communicate with TDI are no longer supplied in the JazzSM install.
They are now being supplied with TDI 7.1.1 as of fix pack 4

The steps to install TDI 7.1.1 for Jazz SM are as follows:

  • Install Tivoli Directory Integrator Version 7.1.1. For more information on its requirements and how to install the software, see Installing Tivoli Directory Integrator in the Tivoli Directory Integrator Information Center. The Tivoli Directory Integrator installation media is in the TDI7.1.1 subdirectory of the extracted Jazz for Service Management installation image on your local file system
  • Install Tivoli Directory Integrator Version 7.1.1 Fix Pack 4. You can get this from Fix Central. Here is the README for FP4. Here is the link to FP4
  • If the Tivoli Directory Integrator server or the Configuration Editor is already running, stop it. Then start the Tivoli Directory Integrator server by starting the Configuration Editor.





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