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Helping us help you - APM Bitesize Edition - Zookeeper Won't Start

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Helping us help you - APM Bitesize Edition - Zookeeper Won't Start


Hey folks,


Just a little quick one for you here. I was recently working on an APM v8 case for a customer where their Zookeeper process refused to play ball and they couldn't get to the APM dash.


We did a bit of looking around, and it turned out that tis issue can be caused if there's a crash in zookeeper that leaves behind a corrupted file.  To resolve this you need to check the following location for any 0 Byte files -




Then our advice would be to back that file up somewhere else, delete it from the directory and restart APM.  Our customer did this and yep, he had some 0 byte file. He removed these and zookeeper promptly started working. This might not apply in every instance, but it could be worth checking into if you're having some zookeeper issues.



Thanks for reading!




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