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How do I use an LAC file?



How do I use an LAC file?

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When a user connects to a secure data source, such as a cube or report, Access Manager can automatically create an LAC file and store it on the user's computer. This enables the user to access authenticated data, even though they aren't connected to the network (i.e. for mobile users). LAC files are not for use with server products, they only keep information about one user and thus are not meant for use on servers. LAC files are read only.

To create an LAC file:
1. Run the Access Manager Configuration wizard.
2. In the Configuration Wizard, choose the Custom configuration option and click Next.
3. Select the Directory Server Configuration check box and the Local Authentication Cache file (LAC) check box. This will allow you to Browse to a folder where the LAC file will be stored.

This LAC file will be created immediately following the next log in to Upfront as a user.

For more information, see page 46 of the Cognos Access Manager Administrator Guide.

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