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IBM AIX Diagnostic Tool "summ": A Summarized System Error log and Report Generator for I/O devices.

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This document describes the summ tool, its options, and use cases for summarizing and decoding AIX I/O error messages.


Diagnostic tool for decoding and summarizing AIX I/O error messages

summ [Flags] [Filename]


-e  Include FC driver error numbers for each error.
-p  Paginate the output.
-r  Reverse the order of output.
-s  Include sequence numbers in each line's header.
-c  I/O retry cmd_history failure time and reason

NOTE: summ --help displays the flag options.

The summ command is an AIX only diagnostic tool used to decode Fibre Channel and SCSI disk AIX error report entries. It is an invaluable tool that can aid in diagnosing storage array or SAN fabric-related problems providing the source of the error.  

The script generates single-line error messages enhancing the readability of the AIX error report. The tool is used by IBM Support worldwide, and is considered safe to run in a production environment.

The summ command can process results of the AIX error log from a file or from standard input:

From a file:
# errpt -a > errpt.out
# summ errpt.out

From standard input:
# errpt -a | summ

Use continuous errpt option flag to watch errors in real time while the messages are logged to the AIX error report:
# errpt -ac | summ


NOTE: The summ script is provided as a courtesy, and it is provided as-is, without warranty and without guarantee of having no defects. Support for this script is not available.
1) Download the summ utility from the following link:
2) Transfer the file to your AIX system as /tmp/summ_version_n.tar  
3) As root, execute the following commands to install the summ command into the /usr/local/bin directory:

# cd /usr/local/bin

# tar -xvf /tmp/summ_version_n.tar 

# chmod 755 summ


The following snippet of data is an output generated upon running summ on an AIX Server. These are just some of the common decoded errors available and are presented for exemplification purposes only:

Jul  4 16:18:27 fcs1       I FCA_ERR12           INFO: Adapter link up recovery;link failure cnt 0000000A
Jul  4 16:15:55 fcs1       T FCA_ERR4            Adapter link up failure

Jun 21 09:54:07 hdisk10   P SC_DISK_ERR7        path  4 path failure; WRITE(10)        (0xLogical_Block_Address, <Transfer Length Value>) transport dead
Jun 21 09:54:07 fscsi3     T FCP_ERR4            Adapter driver rejected I/O request for port 0xSCSI_ID; ENETDOWN

May 10 04:13:48 fscsi0     I FCP_ERR10           Target port 0xSCSI_ID  <WWPN#> has recovered
May 10 03:54:05 hdisk9     P SC_DISK_PCM_ERR8    path  # path failure
May 10 03:35:10 fscsi0     T FCP_ERR14           NS GID_PN reject wwpn <WWPN#>; Port Name not registered

Apr 11 22:07:25 hdisk11    I SDDPCM_PATH_RECOVER Path ID 5
Apr 11 22:05:54 hdisk11    P SC_DISK_ERR7        path  5 path failure; WRITE(10)        (0xLogical_Block_Address, <Transfer Length Value>) command timeout
Apr 11 22:04:31 hdisk11    T SC_DISK_ERR4        path  5 READ(10)         (0xLogical_Block_Address, Transfer Length Value) transport fault
Apr 11 22:04:30 fscsi0     T FCP_ERR4            Error detected receiving from port 0xSCSI_ID (possible marginal link)

Mar 12 18:26:44 hdisk1     T SC_DISK_ERR9        path  6 WRITE(10)        (0xLogical_Block_Address, <Transfer Length Value>) RESERVATION CONFLICT
Mar 12 18:26:42 hdisk1     P SC_DISK_ERR10       path  7 TEST UNIT READY  RESERVATION CONFLICT

Feb 21 16:29:43 fscsi3     T FCP_ERR4            dynamic tracking failed for port 0xSCSI_ID; ENETDOWN
Feb 21 16:29:43 fscsi3     T FCP_ERR4            Relogin <NPIV Client WWPN#> to port 0xFFFFFC rejected; ENETDOWN


If you require more assistance, use the following step-by-step instructions to contact IBM to open a case for software with an active and valid support contract.  

a.  Capture snap data from the sever experiencing the problem using the following commands:


b.  Contact IBM to open a case:

   -For electronic support, please visit the IBM Support Community:
   -If you require telephone support, please visit the web page:

c.  Provide a good description of your issue and if any changes were made to the system.

d.  Upload all of the details and data to your case

   -You can attach files to your case in the IBM Support Community
   -Or Upload data to IBM testcase server analysis:


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23 November 2021