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Step-by-Step Cluster Guide for IBM WebSphere Portal v6.1

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This guide provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach to building an IBM® WebSphere® Portal version 6.1 cluster within a single cell.


Included are the steps necessary to build a two-node portal cluster within the same cell running on WebSphere Application Server v6.1.0.15. This also includes configuration to an external database, a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) user registry, and a remote Web server.

Table of Contents:

    Before you begin
    Install and configure the Deployment Manager
    Install the Primary Portal Node
    Install IBM Support Assistant Lite
    Configure the Primary Portal node to an external database
    Federate and Cluster the Primary Node
    Install the Secondary Portal Node
    Install IBM Support Assistant Lite
    Federate and Cluster the Secondary Portal node
    Configure the Portal Cluster for Security
    Configure the Portal cluster with an external Web server
    Appendix A – Properties used for LDAP security
    Appendix B - Adding a Vertical Cluster member
    Appendix C - Adding a new node to an existing cluster
    Appendix D - Running IBM Support Assistant Lite

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Modified date:
27 August 2018