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Setting up Attached Documents



How to set up attached documents with Websphere Application Server


Maximo 7.x on Websphere Application Server

Resolving The Problem

< Creating Attached Documents Directories >
1. Create a doclinks directory on the machine storing the document files.
For example: C:\doclinks for Windows or /home/doclinks for UNIX
2. Share the drive so that the IBM HTTP Server and the WAS services can connect to it.
3. Create the following subdirectories under doclinks:
\attachments , \default , \diagrams , \images
4. Verify the directory structure.

< Configuring the Application Server for Attached Documents >
1. Open the httpd.conf file for the IBM HTTP Server . ( Backup httpd.conf )
Under C:\Program Files\IBM\HTTPServer\conf for Windows
Under /home/IBMHTTPD/conf/httpd.conf for UNIX
2. Find ‘DocumentRoot’ and change like below
DocumentRoot "C:\doclinks" for Windows
DocumentRoot "/home/doclinks" for UNIX
3. Find ‘# This should be changed to whatever you set DocumentRoot to.’ and change like below
<Directory "C:\doclinks"> for Windows
<Directory "/home/doclinks"> for UNIX
4. Search for Servername and make note of the servername
5. Save & close that file
6. Restart the HTTP Server
7. Verify that the HTTP Server is configured correctly:
create a test file text.txt on C:\doclinks\test.txt for Windows
create a test file text.txt on /home/doclinks/test.txt for UNIX
open a IE browser and type in address: http://<server_name or IP address>/test.txt
Using the servername from the httpd.conf file .
You should be able see your test.txt document in this window. If you cannot open the file,
you must reconfigure the IBM HTTP server .
8. Restart Websphere Application Server and the system.

< Editing file Paths in Maximo> : This part is one of different settings with previous version (Maximo 6.X)
1. Login to Maximo.
2. Go To => System Configuration => Platform Configuration => System Properties
3. Check that the following Property Names have the listed values. If not, update them;
Property Name: mxe.doclink.doctypes.defpath
Global Value: C:\doclinks for Windows
Global Value: /home/doclinks for UNIX
Property Name: mxe.doclink.path01
Global Value: C<PATH>\doclinks = http://<servername or IP> for Windows
Global Value: /home/doclinks=http://<servername or IP> for UNIX
Note: These paths in windows and Unix are case sensistive.
4. Restart App server or Click ‘Live Refresh’
5. Go To any application which has attachments ==> Select Action ==> Attachment Library/Folders ==> Manage folders and set or check the following;
Note these Default file paths are case-sensitive and must match the case of directory structure and
that of the file.

Document Folder
Default File Path (Windows)
Default File Path (UNIX)
Attachments C:\doclinks\attachments/home/doclinks/attachments
CAD C:\doclinks\cad/home/doclinks/cad
Diagrams C:\doclinks\diagrams/home/doclinks/diagrams
Images C:\doclinks\images/home/doclinks/images

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13 April 2021