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No email notification sent from an error message in a MIF queue

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Why I am not receiving an email notification when a message fails to be processed by the MIF SQIN queue?


When an inbound or outbound transaction results in an error in a queue, Maximo sends an e-mail notification to the system administrator only if no other errors are awaiting correction in the same queue.

The notification informs the system administrator that the queue contains one or more transactions with errors. If multiple errors exist in the queue, the system administrator must resolve all of them before notification of new errors is sent.

The notification process works the same way regardless of the type of queue (continuous or sequential) or the processing direction (inbound or outbound) in which the error occurs.

To receive an email notification, you need to check some of the settings in the Maximo System Properties application.

You need to set the correct values in these system properties:

You need to verify that the 'Maxqueue' table has the "emailaddr" with the correct email address entered for all the queues.

This email address is used when Maximo sends notification of transaction errors in the queue. This is typically the e-mail address of a system administrator.

If no value is specified, Maximo sends the error notification to the Administrator email address specified in this system property:

The decision to send an email is based on the presence of error xml files in the error folder - and not on the records in maxinterror table.
So if all other facts remain healthy - you might just have some xml files lying around in the error folder for SQIN and other queues that are not sending emails.

You need to check if there are any error xml files in the MIF global directory. This global directory is set by the system property.

If there are any error xml files existing in the global directory/error folder for this queue, no new email notification will be sent for this queue.

You need to fix or delete the error message in the Message Reprocessing application first and make sure there is not any errors in the xml file existing in the error folder for this queue. Then you will receive a new email notification if an error occurs again in the same queue.

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17 June 2018