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NFSv4 support and ClearCase

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Is Network File System version 4 (NFSv4) supported with IBM Rational ClearCase?


ClearCase is supported on NFSv4 with AUTH_SYS authentication mode only on the following platforms:

ClearCase is supported on NetApp NFSv4 (support was introduced in ClearCase

Refer to ClearCase System Requirements List for further information about ClearCase and NetApp support.

In ClearCase 8.0.1, ACL support requires the use of NFS V4.

For information about the latest ClearCase updates, refer to Fixes by version for Rational ClearCase.

Default NFSv4 settings (AUTH_SYS) will mean no ACL support or any settings beyond the default basic settings for NFSv4.


"The AUTH_SYS security flavor uses a host-based authentication model
where the client asserts the user's authorization identities using small
integers as user and group identity representations (this is EXACTLY
how NFSv3 authenticates by default).  Because of the small integer authorization ID representation, AUTH_SYS can only be used in a name space where all clients and servers share a uidNumber and gidNumber translation
service.  A shared translation service is required because uidNumbers
and gidNumbers are passed in the RPC credential; there is no
negotiation of namespace in AUTH_SYS."

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29 September 2018