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A new way of isolating functionality in Maximo 7.6

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A new way of isolating functionality in Maximo 7.6



  Normally my blog entries are lengthy and contain full tutorials regarding configuration, however tonight I have a just a quick post regarding a new property in Maximo 7.6.  If you have read my past blog on Isolating Functionality in a cluster for Maximo 7.5 you know about the property mxe.crontask.donotrun. This property defines which cron tasks\escalations will run on specific JVM's.  Some of you may also have run in to problems using this as an instance level property due to field size not being large enough.

 In Maximo 7.6 the mxe.crontask.donotrun property still exists, however there is a new system property called mxe.crontask.dorun. Instead of defining which cron tasks you don't want to run, you can define which cron tasks you do want to run. A good example of how this is used is for your outbound integration cron tasks that may need to be running on the UI server.  Normally you would set the mxe.crontask.donotrun property to exclude each individual cron task, you can't use the mxe.crontask.donotrun=all value as you still need the outbound JMS cron tasks to run on the UI. This is not an issue in Maximo 7.6 as now we can use mxe.crontask.dorun and just define the JMSQSEQCONSUMER.SEQQOUT.

A good way to look at it is like this:

In Maximo 7.5 using mxe.crontask.donotrun to exclude all cron tasks but the JMSSEQCONSUMER.SEQQOUT your entry would contain these entries:


In Maximo 7.6 using mxe.crontask.dorun to exclude all crontasks but the JMSSEQCONSUMER.SEQQOUT your entry would look like the following


It's important to note, that if you set the mxe.crontask.donotrun property this will override the mxe.crontask.dorun property. So setting mxe.crontask.donotrun=all for a JVM then setting mxe.crontask.dorun=JMSSEQCONSUMER.SEQQOUT will result in no cron tasks running on that JVM still. I hope this information helps some of you with your current\future deployments, upgrades and configurations to Maximo 7.6.

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