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New Liberty fix pack numbering for WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5 and Version 9.0



Fix pack for WebSphere Application Server Liberty is the first of a series of common Liberty levels that apply to both Version 8.5 and Version 9.0 of WebSphere Application Server on all supported platforms.


The latest level of WebSphere Application Server Liberty, fix pack, represents an evolution in the delivery of Liberty runtime environment and feature content.

IBM Installation Manager installation

WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5 customers who install Liberty with IBM Installation Manager can use this fix pack to update any previous level of Liberty by using the following offering IDs:

The resulting version string for Liberty reflects both the original installation version (8.5) and the new Liberty fix pack level (, which is formatted for Installation Manager as 16.0.2):

The initial release of WebSphere Application Server Version 9.0 delivers the exact same Liberty content, with the same fix pack numbering, but with a Liberty offering ID that does not include a version number:

With both the old and new offering names, the specific product level for Liberty will now consist of the last two digits of the year and the number of the delivery within that year. Thus, the next level after will be; this will be followed by, and so on.

All features are installed by default

When you install WebSphere Application Server Liberty or later, all entitled Liberty optional features are installed by default. You no longer need to specify user.feature or user.addon in IBM Installation Manager; in fact, specifying these values can limit the features installed to the ones that are specified during the installation.

When you update existing Liberty installations to or later, new features are not automatically added. To install additional features, use the Liberty installUtility command.

To remove unwanted or unneeded Liberty features, use the Liberty installUtility command or the minify process.

Archive installation

Customers who install Liberty with archives (.zip or .jar files) should simply note the new level they are installing. The installation process is unchanged.

Why are these changes being made?

Liberty follows a continuous delivery model, where new functionality is released in a fix pack as soon as it is available, rather than being held until a new version. Because new versions no longer deliver a large chunk of new functionality, Liberty is keeping a common, single service stream rather than splitting the Version 9.0 fix pack content from the Version 8.5 content. The content is the exact same for both versions, so the fix pack numbering scheme is now based on the year to highlight when the fix pack was released. This new numbering scheme helps you determine how old your product installation is so that you can more easily identify when to update.

On z/OS, PTFs will now be released separately for WebSphere Application Server traditional (full profile) and WebSphere Application Server Liberty, following the service schedule for each.

Installing a full set of Liberty features allows you to use a broader range of function "out of the box", without increasing the memory footprint of the Liberty server (because features are loaded only as needed).

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15 June 2018