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New Command Line Code Coverage feature.

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New Command Line Code Coverage feature.


We have have the ability to analyze an execution of your program to see exactly which lines did, or did not, get executed.  This is very useful to locate holes in your test cases as well as to identify dead code that should be removed.

Up until now this required using RDi to be present to analyze which lines were being hit.  

It is now possible to do the analysis entirely on the IBM i using a new IBM i command CODECOV. 

The results of the analysis can be viewed using RDi or you can write your own tool to view the results using the Code Coverage API  described here:

Note: The CCResultFactory.createResult() method can be used to create an ICCResult from a cczip, and the methods in ICCResult can be used to get the code coverage statistics.

Command Line Code Coverage.pdf has the details on the CODECOV command as well as overview of how this analysis can be viewed through RDi afterwards.

The following forum post will give you the PTFs required to get this function on your IBM i, it is free of charge.

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