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NetServer/QNTC and SMB (Server Message Block) Version 2.0 and Version 3.0



This document includes information regarding the version of SMB (Server Message Block) that NetServer and QNTC support.

Resolving The Problem

NetServer and QNTC do not provide support for Server Message Block V2.0 (otherwise known as SMB2 or SMBv2) in operating system release V7R1 or below.

NetServer and QNTC do not provide support for SMB V3.0 in any current operating system release (V7R3 is newest available OS release at the time of this update, July 2017).

NetServer support for SMBv2 was included at release time with operating system V7R3. SMBv2 is the default SMB version that is negotiated with IBM i NetServer clients at OS V7R3.

NetServer support for SMBv2 was added to V7R2 via PTF in July 2017. Required PTFs are:

NetServer PTFS: MF63692, MF63693, and MF63694


Note: NetServer does provide support for SMB V2.0 in operating system V7R3 and SMB2 is the default that is negotiated with IBM i NetServer clients. SMB2 does handle printing differently and printer functions will no longer work the same as they did in prior releases.

Please see the IBM i Memo to Users, Version 7.3, for additional information related to printing.

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