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.NET API error when installing IBM Content Collector (ICC) 4.0.1



A .NET API error is thrown when attempting to install ICC 4.0.1. The error claims that either an incorrect version of the IBM FileNet P8 Content Processing Engine (CPE) .NET API is installed or that it is missing some components.


A corrupt installation of the CPE

Diagnosing The Problem

1. Check in "Programs and features"
2. .NET API will not be listed there

Resolving The Problem

Re-installing the CPE .NET API will solve this issue:

1. Copy the software on a local disk.
2. Start the re-installation of the .NET API.
3. Select all sub-components of .NET framework 45 that were not listed before (select them all if unsure).

During the next installation of ICC there are no further errors regarding missing components.

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17 June 2018