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Namespace drop-down appears blank in Cognos Analytics/Cognos BI Login Page while attempting to login to Planning Analytics CAM authenticated server via Perspectives



Attempts to login to CAM authenticated Planning Analytics server over Perspectives is not successful as the Cognos Namespace drop-down appears blank, not allowing users to select the namespace and login to Cognos Analytics/Cognos BI.
Blank Cognos Namespace Window


  1. Blank Cognos Analytics/Cognos BI Namespace window is presented to users when attempting to login to CAM authenticated Planning Analytics server over Perspectives.
  2. Login to CAM authenticated Planning Analytics server over Architect on the same system works as expected.
  3. Login to native authenticated Planning Analytics server over  both Perspectives and Architect on the same system works as expected.


Often caused due to a rendering issue (or some other kind of compatibility issue) with displaying the Cognos Namespace sign-in window on systems typically having legacy operating systems i.e. Windows 2008 R2,Windows 7 etc.

Resolving The Problem

Open the registry editor (regedit.exe) and ensure that the following registry entries are available,some of these keys may already be available in the system hosting Perspective but ensure to add the remaining ones.




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19 August 2019