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Named sets in IBM Cognos Cube Designer Fix Pack 3

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A named set allows you to create an expression that defines a set of members. When you run a report containing a named set, the corresponding expression is evaluated and the resulting set of members is rendered in the report.


A named set is defined by a dimensional set expression that evaluates to a set of members from a single hierarchy. For example, topcount(Customers, 5, Sales).

When a dynamic cube is published, named sets are available as data items in a Named Sets folder within the metadata/member tree in the IBM Cognos studios.

Tip: The advantage of dynamic cube-defined named sets over query-defined sets is that they can be authored once and reused multiple times in different reports.

IBM Cognos Cube Designer validates the syntax of named set expressions. After a cube is
started, the dynamic cube engine validates the semantics of the expressions (using the cube default member context and the security of the access account). Any expression which is not successfully validated during cube start is removed from the cube and is not available in the studios. If removed, the error reason is recorded in the xqelog log file.

A named set is dynamic. It is evaluated at report execution time using the query context and the security of the currently logged in user. For example, a named set nested under a set of years is evaluated independently for each year.

Tip: You can use named sets within other named set expressions or within a calculated member/measure expression. Named sets can also make use of parameters and macros.

You create named sets in a project at the cube level. Named sets are stored within the Named Sets folder object. You can also organize named sets by creating sub folders within the Named Sets folder.

Note: If a named set contains circular references (a reference to itself), a validation error occurs at cube start time and the named set is removed from the cube.

If you are using member or attribute security, it is also applied to named sets members.

Named sets from source cubes are not inherited in a virtual cube; if you want to use named sets in a virtual cube, you must define them.

Steps to create a named set folder

  1. From the Project Explorer tree, right click the named set folder for a dynamic cube and select New, Named set folder.
  2. Rename the folder as required.
Steps to create a named set dynamic expression
  1. From the Project Explorer tree, right click the named set folder where you want to store the named set expression.
  2. Click New, Named set.
  3. Using the expression editor on the properties page, define the named set expression using members and a valid set of multidimensional operators and functions.
  4. Validate the named set expression syntax.

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17 June 2018