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MustGather: Rational Functional Tester data collection

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What information should you provide to Rational Client Support when requesting assistance with an issue with IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT)?


Providing a complete description of the issue you are encountering and related environmental factors in your initial contact with IBM Rational Client Support enabled IBM to begin work on investigating your issue immediately and avoids unnecessary delays in resolving your issue caused by lack of necessary information.


When submitting a PMR for RFT, provide the following MustGather information:

  1. Exact version and build of RFT, as displayed in Start > All Programs > IBM Installation Manager > View Installed Packages.
    Example: "Version (8.3.1.RFTO8301-I20121213-2107)"
  2. Version, edition, service pack level and bitness of Windows that you are using RFT on.
    Example: "Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit"
  3. Which IDE are you using (Eclipse or Visual Studio)? If Visual Studio, what version, edition, and service pack level?
    Example1: "Eclipse"
    Example2: "Visual Studio 2010 Professional SP1"
  4. What test domain and version is your application under test? Have you verified that this is supported in the version of RFT that you are using? Reference 7036640: System Requirements for Rational Functional Tester, select your RFT version, and then click "Supplement for supported software".
  5. If the application you are testing runs in a web browser, what browser, exact version, and bitness are you using for testing?
    Example1: "Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16521 32-bit"
    Example2: "Mozilla Firefox 10.0.2 ESR 32-bit"
  6. If the application you are testing runs in a web browser, what version and update level of Java is running in the browser? To verify this, open Java Tester in your browser and look for the result in the pink box.
    Example: "1.7.0_02 from Oracle Corporation"
  7. If the application you are testing runs in a web browser, open Start > Control Panel > Java (or Start > Control Panel > Java (32-bit) if testing a 32-bit browser on a 64-bit version of Windows). Click Advanced and expand the folder Java Plug-in. Is the option "Enable the next-generation Java Plug-in (requires browser restart)" enabled or disabled?
  8. If the application you are testing runs in a web browser, are you using automatic (dynamic) enablement or manual (static) enablement? (Automatic enablement is available in version 8.3 and above only). If you are using manual enablement, does the browser enablement diagnostic tool return a pass? If no, what error is displayed?
  9. What are the exact steps that you are following to reproduce the problem? The more detail you can provide here, the better.
  10. Is this a machine specific or user specific issue?
  11. What results do you expect when following the above steps and why?
  12. What are the actual results when following the above steps? Are any errors displayed? Please include screenshots or other supplementary information if useful to explain.
  13. Has this ever worked? If yes, when (time & date) did you first notice the problem and what changed before it began?
  14. What is the business impact of this issue? Are there any deadlines that we should be aware of? What severity level is this issue (reference IBM severity definitions here: Severity level situations and examples).
  15. Is there any other information that IBM support should be aware of which would be helpful to understand the problem?
  16. Are there any other questions or issues which you need assistance with?

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