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Multi-stream BACKUP DB can fail with ANR2993E and restart with one stream.



Multi-stream Tivoli Storage Manager BACKUP can fail with error ANR2993E and fall-back to single stream mode.


09/17/12   03:33:00     ANR2017I Administrator TSMADMIN issued command: BACKUP DB devclass=FILE type=full numstreams=4 wait=yes  (SESSION: 1234)
09/17/12   06:33:06     ANR2993E The database backup terminated with a log problem. DB2 sqlcode: -2428. DB2 sqlerrmc:           . (PROCESS: 1234)
09/17/12   06:33:06     ANR4625W Database backup failure while attempting to use 4 streams, backup will be retried using one stream. (PROCESS: 1234)

Resolving The Problem

The Tivoli Storage Manager server BACKUP DB operation could not complete because DB2 could not retrieve one or more of the archive log files, which is what the ANR2993E error with DB2 sqlcode 2428 indicates. The archive log files may fail to be retrieved for multiple reasons, but the following is a list of known possibilities:

1. There is not enough free space in the active log directory filesystem. At minimum, there needs to be at least (512MB * numstreams used for BACKUP DB) of free space in the active log filesystem to temporarily hold archive logs for BACKUP DB operations. If the BACKUP DB operation completes with success after falling back to single stream mode, a space issue is the likely cause.
2. The archive log needed does not exist.
3. There are permissions problems for the active log directory or archive log directory, preventing file access.

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