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MS6B: WebSphere MQ Connection Management Utility



This SupportPac provides a korn shell script to list and/or kill all connections to a queue manager by queue, channel, or IP address.

Download Description

This SupportPac provides a korn shell script to list and/or kill all connections to a queue manager by queue, channel, or IP address.

Possible Uses
- List all connections to a queue manager by channel
- List all open queue connections on a queue manager
- Kill all open connections by queue or channel and ip
- Determine connection abusers when max open tcp connections are reached.
- Wild Cards are accepted to shorten results for some commands. Use
(chstat –example) on command line for list of all available options.

New in this Release
- Added APPLTAG to output of "-channel" & "-queue" function.
- Fix wildcard channel/queue names from reading files from the local runtime dir
- Fix short (1-2 Char) wildcard ip/channel/queue names to return more accurate results

Skill Level Required
Basic Knowledge of WebSphere MQ and basic knowledge of linux/unix operating system

Author: Josh Resnick
Category: 4
Released: 02Jan08
Last Updated: 30May08
Current SupportPac Version: 1.1
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WebSphere MQ 6.0 or higher, using runmqlsr listener, user has access to runmqsc commands, korn shell is available, user can read and write to a tempory file.

Installation Instructions

To download this SupportPac:
1. Download ms6b.tar.gz
2. Execute gunzip ms6b.tar.gz
3. Execute tar -xvf ms6b.tar
4. chmod +x chstat (if necessary)

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15 June 2018