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Modeler Launcher error 0006. or 0008 Failed to create Java VM, or Modeler launcher error 0006.



I am trying to start up Modeler client. When I do this I see the error: Modeler Launcher error 0006. or 0008 Failed to create Java VM Why is this?

Resolving The Problem

This is because the 32-bit JVM with 32-bit Modeler client cannot allocate the amount of memory that you have specified in your client option>system options>"maximum memory".

The exact amount that this can be set to is machine-specific, but is likely to be between 1250 and 1350 MB.

Once you have specified a setting that is too high, as you are unable to start the client application to reduce the value. you need to manually reduce the number through the system.prefs configuration file. That file is found in the following locations:

Modeler 14 file location: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\SPSSInc\Modeler\Defaults\system.prefs

Modeler 15 and later for Windows 2008/Windows 7:


<username> above is the name of the user that you are logged into your pc as.

NOTE: by default the locations above are hidden by Windows. If you cannot see these locations via Windows explorer please go to the following location within Windows Explorer to enable the viewing of these files:

Tools>Folder Options>View Tab

and check the "show hidden files and folders" radio button.

If you do not see these options in Windows Explorer please consult your IT support as you most likely require a user with elevated permissions to perform this.

NOTE: the above locations are within the OS user's profile. If you do not have a C:\Documents and Settings\<username> directory (where <username> is the user that you are logged into your client pc as) it is likely that your administrator has setup a non-default location for your user's profile. Please contact your IT support to determine if this is the case and look in the relevant location for the Modeler .prefs files.

Example settings for the setting MaxMemoryMB=
.5G would be
1G would be

The 64-bit client version of Modeler client does not have this 32-bit Java restriction imposed on it. If you see this identical error when starting Modeler 64-bit client then verify that you have not set the above settings in Modeler to a value that is more than the available memory on the machine. If so reduce this via the configuration files above and attempt to restart Modeler client.

An Enhancement Request has been logged to see if it is possible to change the behaviour of Modeler client when it cannot start due to an inappropriately high maximum memory setting

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