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MIF WebServices Error: Async IO operation failed



This document describes the problem related to Async IO operation error and how to solve it.


When the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) calls an external webservice the following error occurs: Async IO operation failed, reason: RC: 76 A socket must be already connected.

The message is sent but it still remains in the Message Reprocessing application.


This problem happens because the external webservice is not designed to send a response to the MIF.

A valid response could be:

HTTP 200 ( OK): When the call is accepted and processed.

HTTP 500, 400, 401, etc: When the transaction fails due to any error.

By default, the MIF always waits for a response.

Resolving The Problem

The solution for this scenario, where the webservice does not send a message or confirmation back to the MIF, is to setup the WEBSERVICE EndPoint properties to not wait for a response.

The MEP property has this definition:

This optional property specifies the message exchange pattern for the Web service. The property supports the following values.

Possible Values:

sendreceive Request and response
sendrobust Request with void or fault response
fireandforget Request only, no response, or fault

If no value is provided the default value is sendreceive.

The recommendation is to set the MEP property value to fireandforget".

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17 June 2018