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MIF: Adding new Meter Readings through Web Services

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Is it possible to add new Meter Readings using a Web Service ?


Need to add meter readings using MIF Web Services


MIF ( Maximo Integration Framework ) delivers an out-of-the-box Object Structure and Enterprise Service with all the logic to import Meter Readings.

Object Structure: MXMETERDATA

Steps to define and deploy a WebService

1) Go to > Integration > Web Services Library
2) Select Action > Create Web Service > Create Web Service from Object Structure
3) Select the MXMETERDATA Object Structure

4) Click Create.

5) In the List Tab, select the MXMETERDATA Web Service Name

6) Select Action > Deploy to Product Web Service Container > Deploy WebService

A message will be displayed when the deployment is done.

If the error below is shown, the deployment system property has to be changed:

BMXAA7755E - This option is not available because your system is configured to deploy to the web services container on the application server

Delete the Web Service you have created.

Go to > System Configutation > Platform Configuration > System Properties

Find the property.

Change the current value from 1 to 0.

Save the property

This System Property does not allow Live Refresh, so the MXServer must be restared.

Soap Request Sample ( Payload )

This is sample request to add a new Meter Reading to an ASSET using a MIF Web Service. It adds a new reading to ASSET 7500 using the Meter TEMP-C


This sample can be used to call the MXMETERDATA WebService, using a third party tool called SoapUI

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