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MH06: WebSphere MQ - Trace Tools



This SupportPac provides a Java command line tool called mqtrcfrmt to aid in reading MQ traces.

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The mqtrcfrmt Java tool provided in this MH06 Trace Tools SupportPac will take MQ trace files like an MQ distributed trace, z/OS API trace, amqsact trace as input and write out as output the passed in trace file contents but with more helpful formatting around some of the trace data.  For example, an MQ data structure like a GMO will have all the GMO structure fields broken out into their individual names and the field values printed in a human-readable format with MQ constants also provided.

Because mqtrcfrmt is written in Java, it can be run on any IBM MQ platform that supports Java, which is pretty much any platform.  However, mqtrcfrmt was tested primarily on the Linux, Windows, and z/OS platforms. 

The mqtrcfrmt tool can also be run to take a passed in MQ field name and value (e.g. MQGMO.Options = 1) and then display the MQ constant values (e.g. MQGMO_WAIT) that the numerical value represents as output.  Mqtrcfrmt also provides other functionality like searching for messages that have a certain string, extracting messages in traces to a file, performance reports of how long the API methods are taking to complete, etc.  More details of the MH06 SupportPac functionality can be found in the MH06.pdf manual

Possible Uses:
Aid for reading MQ traces.
Aid for converting MQ options numerical values to their constant values.

Aid for getting performance statistics reports from distributed trace.
Skill Level Required:
This SupportPac requires a working knowledge of WebSphere MQ administration.

New in this Release:


  • Supports IBM MQ 9.2.
  • Enhanced amqsact (Application Activity Trace sample) formatting in mqtrcfrmt.
  • Multi line search capability for -s command line argument in mqtrcfrmt.
  • Over 50% wall time reduction by changing to buffered I/O for writing to output trace files for mqtrcfrmt.
  • New -b command line argument to provide percentage status of how much of the total trace lines has been processed by mqtrcfrmt.
  • Corrected mqtrcfrmt bug for when you specify only the -f and -v command line options, it was incorrectly requiring a -i command line argument.
  • Corrected mqtrcfrmt parsing issue with recent windows strmqtrc that added non trace bytes between the dump hex prefix and actual dump bytes.

Author: Tim Zielke, CICS/MQ Systems Programmer for Alight Solutions
 Category: 4
Released: 26Nov13
Last updated: 08Sept20
Current SupportPac Version: 1.4
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This SupportPac requires a current version of MQ running on the supported Operating System platforms.

Installation Instructions

1. Download to a temporary location.
2. Uncompress with your favorite tool to a location of your choice.
3. This will create the necessary files and directory.
4. The MH06.pdf manual provides more details on how to use the MH06 Trace Tools SupportPac.

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Modified date:
08 September 2020