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Meaning of the file extensions in IBM Rational Performance Tester

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What is the meaning of the different IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) file extensions?


An IBM Rational Performance Tester project contains files with unfamiliar extensions.


The following overview provides a non-exhaustive list of the Rational Performance Tester files.

  • *.properties: Java (Properties File) by Sun. This association is classified as text.

  • *.recsession: File containing the contents of a recording session or to regenerate tests.

  • *.recdata: Data of a test recording.

  • *.testsuite: File contains a collection of test cases that are grouped for test execution purposes.

  • *.trcmxmi: Statistics file.

  • *.trcnxmi: Statistics file.

  • *.trcpxmi: Statistics file.

  • *.trcadlr: Statistics file.

  • *.executiondlr: RPT Protocol Data incorrect when more than 2 GB of Test Log data (.executiondlr)

  • *.view: File holding report metadata with another Eclipse user.

  • *.xml: eXtended Markup Language. It was designed to transport and store data.

  • *.log: Log file (no help on this file extension).

  • *.lck: Lock file (no help on this file extension).

  • *.snap: Eclipse snapshot file.

  • *.index: Eclipse index file.

  • *.dat: Eclipse data file.

  • *.version: Eclipse version file.

  • *.resources: Eclipse resources file.

  • *.prefs: Eclipse prefs files and execution results prefs files.

  • *.launch: File holding a Java launch configuration.

  • *.references-xx: Files holding references to previous HTTP requests (?)

  • *.txt (savedIndexNames.txt and javaLikeNames.txt): Files containing searches for in the Workbench.
  • *.lazy: Files holding program and/or file references with regard to performance

  • .*.1:

  • *.fileTableLock: System file for permissions,

  • *.target: Target definition files should be edited using the target definition editor provided by PDE.
    The file format is not API and subject to change between releases.

  • *.externalLibsTimeStamps:

  • *.js: Javascript file (in text format).

  • *.cmd: Command file.

  • *.jar: Java archive. JAR stands for Java ARchive, the default standard data compression and archive format or files based on the Java programming language.

  • *.testdata: Equivalent to datapool, only for large amounts of test data same functionality as in datapools contained values.

  • *.project: XML file describing the project.

  • *.testlog: With the release of Rational Performance Tester 8.1.1 users now have the ability to export the Test Log Report to a text file to view outside of the tool. You can export the complete Test Log or specific elements of the log.

  • *.classpath: XML file describing location of Java class files.

  • *.java: Java source code file.

  • *.class: Compiled .Java file created by the Java compiler; contains byte code, which is binary program code that is executable when run by a Java Virtual Machine (JVM); commonly bundled in to .JAR files, which are included in the $CLASSPATH environment variable for execution.

  • *.mf: Java Manifest File. Contains information about file packages in a Java archive (.JAR file); includes metadata about the archive such as what files it contains and what they are used for; included within the JAR file itself.

  • *.location: The project IP address and/or DNS server name is stored in this file.

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