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MD0C: IBM WebSphere MQ - Keeping Channels Up and Running



This SupportPac provides recommendations to improve the availability of IBM WebSphere MQ / MQSeries Channels.

Download Description

This SupportPac provides recommendations to improve the availability of IBM WebSphere MQ / MQSeries Channels.

Possible Uses
This document is intended for use by systems administrators and any others that support IBM WebSphere MQ networks. It provides the following benefits:
» consistency to the administration processes
» maximum availability of applications
» help for beginners, so they can avoid common mistakes
» a smooth start and assured success for IBM WebSphere MQ projects.

Skill Level Required
A working knowledge of channels and network issues is required.

New in this Release
• Updated for v7 and v7.1.

Category: 2
Released: 17Oct03
Last Updated: 14Feb13
Current Version: 2.0
»Please note that the version number shown in the right-hand pane is the version of the IBM WebSphere MQ or IBM WebSphere Message Broker product that this SupportPac applies to. The date is the last web page refresh.

To view the complete portfolio of IBM WebSphere MQ SupportPacs, visit the IBM ebSphere MQ SupportPacs home page.


Most of the information presented here relates to versions of both IBM WebSphere MQ and MQSeries. Check the documentation for your particular version to ensure that the parameters are supported.

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Technical Support

Category 2 SupportPacs are provided in good faith and AS-IS. There is no warranty or further service implied or committed and any supplied sample code is not supported via IBM product service channels.

You can submit a question or offer feedback on the SupportPac, but please be aware that a response is not guaranteed.

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Modified date:
27 January 2022