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MD05: MQSeries - Design considerations for large Clusters



MD05 is intended to address some of the challenges encountered in the design of MQSeries queue manager cluster solutions for large-scale MQSeries installations.

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This SupportPac is intended to address some of the challenges encountered in the design of MQSeries queue manager cluster solutions for large-scale MQSeries installations. It is based on work done with a major UK customer.

For the purposes of the SupportPac, large scale is defined as:
Any installation in which, if a single cluster were used and all queue managers in the cluster needed to connect to a queue manager, the number of channels which that queue manager is required to run would be greater than the number that can be active simultaneously on that queue manager.
When deciding whether an installation is large scale, consider potential growth and expansion.

The SupportPac addresses three main topics:
1. Whether to use one large 'subdivided' cluster or several clusters, each taking a subset of the queue managers in the cluster.
2. Whether to use parallel processing or to implement a fail-over strategy
3. How to manage the installation operations to ensure that the repository queue managers do not have too many channels active at the same time.

The methodology proposed in this SupportPac is useful to MQSeries system designers, system administrators and application developers considering the use of MQSeries queue manager clusters in large-scale environments.

The SupportPac assumes some knowledge of MQSeries queue manager clusters.

Author: John Jones, IBM WebSphere MQ Early Support Programs, Hursley
Category: 2
Released: 11Oct00
Last Updated: 28May04
Current Version: 1.0
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